Tomasz Konaszynski is an Managing Director and Owner of ICTB Consulting


Tomasz is a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, M.Sc. in Electronics and Telecommunication (1999) and the Economic University in Cracow in Economics and Business Management (2002).

Since 1999, he had been working in the Siemens Ltd. as a system engineer and a head of projects of broadband operator access systems and later, in Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Ltd. (T-Mobile Poland), he managed technological projects for corporate customers.

Since 2004, he was the Sales Director in the Solidex SA. He was responsible for the development of company’s activity in a financial sector. Later as the Director of Development and New Technologies in Unima 2000 SA, he was responsible for the preparation and implementation of a development strategy of the Capital Group, when the company entered the Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

In 2008, he established and currently manages a strategic advisory company – ICTB Consulting, where he manages a strategic consulting projects in range of IT technologies for business and the optimization of processes in business organizations and public sector.